The Maroon Menu is a Caribbean food platform that delves into the origins of our most famed Caribbean dishes while inspiring ways to reimagine these old favourites through a fine dining lens.

In the spirit of the Maroons of the Caribbean, the Maroon Menu aims to remove the shackles of perception related to Caribbean cookery and approach our classic dishes with a new sense of culinary freedom.

Over 1.2 million British tourists flock to the Caribbean each year, to experience the warm tropical weather, miles of breathtaking beaches and the beautiful rainforest landscapes. However, with all of it’s African, Indian and European influences, the Caribbean is also home to an incredible fusion food culture, making it a tourist destination for foodies from the UK and all across the globe.

It’s no wonder that there has been an explosion of Caribbean food offerings in the British mainstream in recent years.

Caribbean restaurant dining is still almost exclusively viewed as a very casual experience, with the general expectation of authentic, homely, comforting food, presented in abundance. While this is all well and good, it is a shame that there is a limited number of establishments serving nouvelle Caribbean cuisine with the sole aim of providing exquisite food and dining experiences.

There are many examples of cuisines from around the world that have successfully refined, and reimagined, by restaurants by using gourmet techniques to create greater sense of occasion, and adventure, for their patrons.  These types of restaurant are currently under represented in Caribbean cuisine, which is a shame but definitely does not need to be the case.  

This is one of the reasons why The Maroon Menu exists, to inspire ideas that push the boundaries of Caribbean gastronomy, while staying true to it’s history and origins.

Hope you enjoy.